Thorne Widgery: Shaping the future of young professionals

Thorne Widgery: Shaping the future of young professionals

We are making significant strides in positively influencing the careers of young individuals and promoting the accounting profession.

Our active participation in recent career evenings highlights our commitment to nurturing new talent in the field of accountancy.

In two pivotal career evenings this month, we made a remarkable impact.

Kate, the bookkeeping manager, and Bryndley, an accounts trainee, spent these events engaging with numerous individuals interested in pursuing an accountancy apprenticeship.

These interactions not only provided valuable insights into the profession but also showcased our dedication to educational outreach.

Unlike some employers, we are open to hiring trainees directly from school and believe that learning on the job can be just as valuable as a degree.

We offer a practical pathway for young individuals to embark on their careers immediately after school.

Apprentices at Thorne Widgery are given the chance to work towards their Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) qualification while gaining hands-on experience in the field.

We design our learning programmes and roles to be challenging and busy, yet exciting and educational.

This balance ensures that apprentices are not only developing their professional skills but also feeling a sense of excitement and contribution towards the company’s future success.

The firm’s ethos, “Win Together,” resonates through these opportunities, with the goal of fostering a collaborative and supportive environment.

Team members Archie and Harvey were present at the career evening at Bishop’s and St Mary’s schools, ready to answer any queries.

Their presence provided a direct and personal touch, offering guidance and insights into the apprenticeship journey at Thorne Widgery.

Harvey said: “Thorne Widgery is not just growing as a business – it’s actively contributing to the development of the next generation of accountants, which is fantastic.

“Giving young people the opportunity to grow professionally is one of the things that makes me proud to work at Thorne Widgery.”

For those aspiring to start a career in accountancy, find out more about our career paths here.