XfE Testimonials

“I just wanted to express my delight and joy at being audited and being able to use Xero to evidence areas! It is blooming amazing!”

XfE Client

“Thank you so much for the initial training session yesterday Evan – I caught up with some of the attendees today and they were all very complimentary of you and your approach and all very excited with what’s next”

Xfe Client
10 School Trust

“Xero is super easy to use. It’s a completely different approach to PSF and in my eyes, Xero/Thorne are helping “accounting and finance” being brought into the 21st century!”

XfE Client
10 School Trust

“I wasn’t happy with my previous system… there was no-one there to support me. I wanted a software system where I would get help and support. The team from TW were very patient. On-site training was good and they broke things down into small chunks so the information would sink in…. Just four weeks on I cannot believe how easy Xero is compared to the system we previously used.”

Julie Hancock
Business Manager, Lugwardine Primary Academy

“Xero gives me what I want… the power to drill down and report in whatever way I want. We have three schools on board and no-one is flapping from a finance point of view – so that’s got to be a positive!”

Peter Rickard
Lead Head of the Severn Bridges MAT

“This was the first time we have undergone an audit having had Xero in place for a full year. The audit was – dare I say it – easy! Having Xero in place made the whole process much easier and a lot less hassle.”

Rachel Lovell
Academy Business Manager, Stretton Sugwas Church of England Academy

“Being able to scan in documents and in particular emails which I save as PDFs is a really useful function. When I have paid an invoice and have this confirmed by the bank I scan this in too, which means the audit trail is all taken care of.”

Rachel Etterley
School Business Manager, Radbrook Primary School

“We were really pleased with the installation – I was able to start working through a backlog of purchase orders the same day that it was installed. Everything was done behind the scenes and last year’s information was imported onto Xero so I could access the previous year’s records easily… I’d give the installation 10 out of 10.”

Jayne Kaye
School Business Manager The Cambridge Park Academy, Grimsby

“As the Head I need quality information to make informed decisions – if I am the ‘pilot’ then Xero is my financial ‘cockpit,’ from where I control the school’s operations.”

Andrew Teale
Head Teacher St Paul’s Primary School Head Teacher, St Paul’s Primary School

“Everything is so much easier than our old system, in particular reporting. It has the capacity to allow us to go completely paperless. It’s also very intuitive and easy to navigate through.

“Xero saves us time. The loading of information, bills, purchase orders etc. is quick and simple. We just scan it in and it’s there – there’s no longer loads of paperwork to file. Retrieving documents is very simple too. I wouldn’t go back to my old software now – our experience with Xero has been very good.”

Shirley Hirons Office Manager
Burghill Community Academy

“I now update the school’s assets and depreciation every month. Previously I only did this twice a year as I had to do it on a manual spreadsheet –running this using Xero, as soon as the invoices come in, means I am more in control and have a truer reflection of the estate.

“What is really good is the fact that I have been able to continue working on Xero without any rollovers which with the old system would not have been possible. In the past I would have had to wait until the end of year balance and the journals. With Xero I just carry on as normal – it doesn’t become this huge event and I don’t have to stop work because the audit is taking place.

“The audit process itself was a lot less effort – certainly in terms of the amount of time the auditors needed to spend onsite. While they were here I just carried on working and their work did not interfere with my ability to use the system. Xero has also made it easier for me if I need to ask for anything from our auditors – it has further cemented what was already a solid business relationship.

“This was our first year of undertaking a full audit having used Xero. Compared with last year when we were using the old software I would say the audit experience has gone from 7 out of 10 to 10 out of 10 – I cannot imagine how the experience can get any better!

  • So easy to use
  • So user-friendly
  • I wouldn’t want to work anywhere that used a different software package – that’s how much I love Xero!”
Jayne Kaye
School Business Manager, The Cambridge Park Academy, Grimsby

“Having worked with TW and their Academy software, it’s clear they have consulted with business managers and head teachers when developing Xero for academies.

“It’s easy to use, the training and support has been excellent and whilst the needs of the school are at the heart of the software it’s also been designed to make the annual audit as smooth as possible for the school and auditor alike. Our experience and that of our academy clients has been very positive.”

Kevin Hopper
Partner Forrester-Boyd Chartered Accountants Leading Academy Specialists