Win Together

Our values are part of TW’s culture. We want our values to drive our behaviour, guide our decision making and help measure success in the business. This is how we Win Together.

Our Values

One Team

  • Share the wins and the losses
  • We lift each other up and celebrate the success of others
  • Take an active role
  • Take the time to develop yourself and others to be the best you can be

Be Brave

  • Tackle challenges with optimism and an open mind
  • Set the pace, promote change and embrace new ideas
  • Be positive when dealing with constraints
  • Take ownership and jump in when help is needed

Deliver Awesome

  • Solve problems and be committed, create solutions where everybody wins
  • Deliver exceptional results and delight our clients
  • Strive to perfect your craft every day
  • Make it happen

Think Big

  • Give feedback freely and with respect
  • Be straightforward and fair even through challenging conversations and decisions
  • We’re open and transparent with our ideas and decisions
  • Think, what would I advise my best friend?

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