TW Success Stories

At TW we believe in using our experience and expertise to help clients get to where they want to go. Each client journey had its own challenges, opportunities, and ultimate goal. Read on about our success stories from Thorne Widgery and some client journeys where our CEO Dan Crowther has helped them to success.

TW Success Story 1

Our client had worked hard for many years in a laborious manual job – and frankly he hated it!

In his spare time, he had been working on an innovative idea and over a number of years, he honed his invention, with the finished product leading to a life-changing opportunity.

Sales began to take off, allowing the inventor to step back from his day job and he approached TW’s CEO, Dan Crowther, initially to help him with the figures.

Demand for his product gathered pace and, although the business was still relatively small, the additional work being generated led to his wife also giving up her job to help him with his fledgling business.

Dan explains: “The product was receiving a lot of attention not only here in the UK but also internationally and, as a first to market innovation, it quickly became hugely profitable.”

Business growth and success followed – both as result of the couple’s hard work and dedication and also because the product in question was a real game changer in a high-end niche-market.

Dan continued: “From a standing start the business went from zero to global market leader. The couple decided to sell the business to a supplier and with help from TW who carried out due diligence, the company was bought out for several million pounds with the couple remaining as shareholders.

“It was a proud moment to be able to help this individual escape the drudgery of a job he was no longer enjoying and support him on a new and highly profitable business venture which has ultimately allowed the couple to enjoy a very comfortable lifestyle.”

TW Success Story 2

Life can create knockbacks but it’s how you deal with disappointment that can be the difference between success and failure.

Our client had been working in a business that supplies products to the general public for many years and knew the business inside out. When the owners decided to sell up our client saw this as the perfect opportunity to buy the company but unfortunately it wasn’t offered to him and so he made the decision to resign.

“Rather than being put off by this outcome it had the opposite effect and had fired him up to prove them wrong!  He told me ‘I know I can do this; I really understand how this kind of business works.’

“So we set about putting together a business plan and access to finance, to help him set up his own company in direct competition with his former employer.

“What this client had in spades, in addition to good business knowledge, was a gift for marketing. With hard work and determination, the business took off and from a standing start he is now the proud owner of a company with a £1.5million per year turnover.”

Our client’s business success has completely changed his lifestyle too. He was able to move out of his modest house into a much larger family home.

Dan added: “I’m very happy for our client because his self-belief and business knowledge has led to him becoming his own boss in a niche sector that he absolutely loves working in.

“He has a great team of dedicated staff and although he still remains hands-on, he also enjoys a much better work life balance. Resigning from his old job all those years ago was a gutsy move but it was probably the best decision he ever made!”

TW Success Story 3

Our client had made a name for himself as a supplier of high-end products. The business appeared to be successful, and he had ambitions to further grow his company.

However, an opportunity to pitch for a major contract was unsuccessful so the owner of the business turned to TW for help and advice.

Dan Crowther explains: “The client was bitterly disappointed to have lost out on the contract, so I asked him a number of tough questions, starting with ‘Why did you lose?’

“During our conversation, it emerged that he had sent in his sales team rather than fronting the pitch himself and their bid for the contract just didn’t have the necessary clout to succeed.

“So, having realised that he needed to take more of a hands-on role with pitching for new contracts, we worked together to set some clear and realisable business objectives.

“Ultimately, my client went back, presented his updated proposals to them and walked away with the contract they wanted.”

Dan added: “My advice to any entrepreneur in a similar situation is to take a good hard look at your business model at regular intervals and ask yourself: ‘Is there a better way of doing things?’

“It is also important to understand that whilst some tasks can and should be delegated to other members of the team, there are certain roles that you, as the business owner, are best placed to do.  Working out which tasks can be left to members of the team and which you need to keep a firm grip of can often be the difference between success and failure.”

If you would like to find out how Dan and the team from TW can help your business succeed, please get in contact.