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We want the very best to be part of the team at Thorne Widgery, so we’re always looking to meet high calibre, enthusiastic, hardworking people to join us. Whilst we sometimes do have specific vacancies available please like and follow us on FacebookTwitter, LinkedIn, and keep checking our current vacancies page for updates.

If you want to find out more about our opportunities, please contact careers@thornewidgery.co.uk

Team Stories

Daniel Crowther FFA, ACA, MAAT CEO

Daniel CrowtherAfter completing my A levels, I took a year out before university with the aim of “seeing what opportunities came along”. Almost immediately I found myself with an accountancy apprenticeship at TW. The attraction for me was that it was a local firm that had scope for career progression. Obviously after this happened, I didn’t make it to university! I then completed my AAT within 2 years and went on to study ACCA for a further 3 years before I qualified. Since that I have also competed dual qualification with ICAEW.

The reason TW was a good fit for me is it is a very forward thinking and progressive firm. For me, career progression was always very important. TW recognised this and gave me every opportunity to push myself and to progress. I guess the evidence of this is that I started my initial Accountancy apprenticeship at 18 and worked my way up until I was made a Director before the age of 30 and I now have the role of CEO.

I truly believe that with the right attitude, hard work and determination TW will give you every chance to achieve (whatever your definition of achievement is).

At TW we recognise that we are nothing without an excellent team. Which is why we are so committed to them and their development. And I guess I should know…

Lizzie Roberts, CTA, FCCA, MAAT Head of Tax

Lizzie Roberts

Please give me a timeframe of your career so far

I started my career in accountancy in 2010, after finishing my A-Levels at Hereford Sixth Form College. I started at TW as an Accounts Trainee and worked my way up to manager completing my AAT and ACCA qualifications, becoming a qualified accountant in 2015. Then, in 2019 I decided to specialise in tax and started my CIOT qualification, qualifying as Chartered Tax Advisor in January 2021.

What made you decide to get into the accountancy industry and why did you choose TW to join?

I always had an interest in numbers and problem-solving, and during my A-Levels I decided I was interested in being able to get a career where I could study and progress while working. I found the apprenticeship route through HWGTA for accountancy and realised it met all the criteria I was looking for. I looked at local firms in Herefordshire and Thorne Widgery was a well-established firm that supported apprenticeships and trainees to progress, so I was keen to be a part of the team.

What have been your crowning achievements in your career so far? And in particular the last 12 months?

I’m proud of qualifying as a CTA, as the exams are very difficult, and my exams were delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic. I’m also proud to have worked my way up from a trainee to a Director of TW, which I achieved in 2023.

In your opinion what makes TW the best accountancy firm for your career journey.

I’ve always wanted to work in a job which can help people, and TW does that. People’s finances can cause a lot of stress on individuals and business owners, and TW’s priority is to help its clients and make finances and taxes easier for them. I also like to work in environments which are constantly improving, and TW has always been forward thinking firm and making sure they’re staying ahead of the curve.

Jarrett Hawkins, ACCA, MAAT Accounts Manager

Jarrett HawkinsAfter leaving school in 2011 at the age of 16 I started a summer job at Thorne Widgery and it soon became clear that becoming an accountant was something I was interested in.

Thorne Widgery then offered me the opportunity to stay on and undergo an apprenticeship with HGTA studying AAT. I attended Hereford College of Technology 1 day per week. What I enjoyed most was learning on the job, which is what attracted me to an apprenticeship.

In 2014 I completed my AAT qualification by which time I had progressed from accounts trainee to accounts technician.

In 2016 I decided to go on to study ACCA, studying at the University of South Wales and I completed this qualification during 2019. During this time, I have been promoted to a Manager, which allows me to assist one of the partners in managing their portfolio of clients as well as managing a team of accounts trainees.

What I enjoy most about Thorne Widgery is the diverse type of work I get involved in and being one of the largest accountancy practices in the area I feel it offers me a lot of opportunities.

Sam King, ACCA, MAAT Head of Xero and X for Education

Sam KingI was attracted to a role at TW as it offered a greater flexibility and attitude to technology than any other local firm. I initially joined as an accounts senior and worked within this role for 3 years whilst studying towards my professional qualification. Whilst working towards the qualification I was mostly involved in the processing and reviewing of accounts and supervising junior members of staff in completing their work. Around 1 year into my TW career I moved into the Xero team and concentrated on answering any queries clients had.

In June 2016 I qualified as an accountant and then took up a role working within the technology arm of the business and helping clients to embrace various systems, mostly Xero, to help them streamline their workflows. I am now heading up a team of 4 in the Innovations department developing, and training in, X for Education; our own bespoke financial software developed for the Academy Schools and Education sector. I enjoy the fact that no one day is the same and my work can be helping clients in many different sectors and on different systems, together with managing and nurturing my team.”

Harvey Lewis, ACCA, Accounts Technician

Harvey LewisFrom starting here, straight from school, as an AAT Level 2 Apprentice, my experience has been amazing so far. I wasn’t sure what to expect coming from Year 11: how difficult would it be? How different would it be from school? Will everyone welcome someone as young as me? I can confidently say I feel comfortable where I am, everyone has welcomed me and have been looking after me; helping me into the accountancy world.

TW has taught me a lot with their training sessions, teaching me the base knowledge needed and also little tips that will make jobs easier to understand. There are also lots of people who have finished their apprenticeship with HWGTA all-around the office ready to help me out whenever I start to struggle on a job and explain to me how I would do it for next time.

HWGTA has also supported me throughout this transition amazingly, I was really nervous going straight into an apprenticeship from school as I was the only one out of my friends not going to Sixth Form – I was doing something completely different. The first induction week I did with HWGTA welcomed me into the next step I was about to take, and they did it perfectly. I made a few new friends and also they gave me an idea on what I would be doing and some tips on how to succeed! The staff at HWGTA are really easy to talk to and there is always someone ready to listen to your problems and help you out with anything you need.

One of the massive benefits I’ve found from doing an apprenticeship with HWGTA is the life skills I am learning and the experience I am gaining at the same time. I feel like I am constantly learning every day and how it will greatly benefit me in the future.

Fast forward 6 years I finished my ACCA qualification in January 2023!

Since starting work here, I’ve worked with various members of the team and taken on lots of different work. No 2 jobs are the same!

Overall my experience so far has been brilliant. I’ve learnt a lot about the working environment and how to interact with clients which I have never experienced before. I am very thankful for TW for giving me this chance and I have loved every second of it. I am proud to say I am an apprentice with HWGTA at Thorne Widgery.

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Work Experience, Apprentices and Graduates

We’re an expanding business and we would really love to hear from people who are:

  • Motivated to make the most of their abilities
  • Confident, with great interpersonal skills
  • Team players who enjoy sharing their knowledge with others
  • Forward thinking and solutions focused

We regularly attend careers fairs in Herefordshire so please come over and say hello!


Investing for the future

At Thorne Widgery we’re proud of our 70+ year history and being the largest independent accountancy practice in Hereford and Ludlow.

We believe good business is built on good planning.

So when we’re looking to the future we want to invest in apprentices with great technical skills, to ensure we have strong resources to grow our business in the years ahead.

The apprenticeships on offer will vary from year to year from Business Administration, Accounting to IT.

As Thorne Widgery apprentices working with us, you’ll benefit from exposure to a varied customer base, from businesses of all sizes through to schools and non-profit organisations.

You’ll have the opportunity to experience a wide range of business/accountancy/IT processes whilst developing your skills and knowledge.

Many of our apprentices have worked in a rotation around teams by the time they have completed their apprenticeship programme.

Our apprenticeship programmes are fully supported by HWGTA, which as an employer, gives us a joined-up approach to apprenticeship’s progression at college whilst gaining MAAT and ACA accreditation.

Looking further to the future, many of our former apprentices are still enjoying a rewarding career at Thorne Widgery, many after more years than they’d care to remember!

Work experience

We think it’s important that opportunities are offered for all and, where possible, we will accommodate requests for work experience to student from years 10/11/12 and 13 and sandwich year students at University.

So like and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for announcements. Specific queries can be sent to careers@thornewidgery.co.uk

What our current apprentices and graduates have to say:

Harvey Lewis

Harvey is one of our youngest apprentices to date having joined us straight out of school 6 years ago at the age of 16. Harvey completed his AAT qualification in just over 2 years ago while assisting our team with the day-to-day work of the practise and now completed his ACCA qualification in January 2023.

Harvey won the Excellence in Accountancy Award 

So why TW, Harvey?

“I can confidently say I feel comfortable where I am, everyone has welcomed me and have been looking after me; helping me into the accountancy world. Thorne Widgery has taught me a lot with their training sessions, teaching me the base knowledge needed and also little tips that will make jobs easier to understand.”

Harvey Lewis