Following the TW path to success in accounting

Over the years we have helped countless apprentices to gain new skills and qualifications, helping them on their way to becoming leaders in our profession.

One such apprentice was our CEO, Daniel Crowther. Dan joined the firm following his A-Levels, after deciding to take a year out before going to university.

Instead of attaining a degree, he gained a lot more through an apprenticeship with us. Here is what he has to say:

“The attraction for me was that it was a local firm that had scope for career progression. Obviously, after this happened, I didn’t make it to university!

“I then completed my AAT within two years and went on to study ACCA for a further three years before I qualified. Since then, I have also completed dual qualification with the ICAEW.

“The reason TW was a good fit for me is it is a very forward-thinking and progressive firm. For me, career progression was always very important.

“TW recognised this and gave me every opportunity to push myself and to progress. I guess the evidence of this is that I started my initial Accountancy apprenticeship at 18 and worked my way up until I was made a Director before the age of 30 and I now have the role of CEO.

“I truly believe that with the right attitude, hard work and determination TW will give you every chance to achieve (whatever your definition of achievement is).

“At TW we recognise that we are nothing without an excellent team. Which is why we are so committed to them and their development. And I guess I should know…”

You can find out more about the career paths at Thorne Widgery and our current apprentice opportunities here.

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