Ludlow Testimonials

We are so fortunate to work with some amazing companies in Ludlow. Take a look below at some of our five star reviews from our wonderful clients!

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“I started DM Recruitment 5 years ago and have been with TW 2.5 years.

“I’m a strong believer that you can’t be good at everything so we want our accountants to look after all of our accounting needs, it’s important our accountants look after us in terms of compliance but can give us advice to help us achieve our growth plans.

“I came to TW as we found that when we began to grow there were pain points that our current accountants couldn’t advise on so that’s when we moved. We love working with TW as we can just give them a call and they’re able to advise on certain aspects. From a business point of view TW has ensured we’ve avoided pitfalls.

“We wanted a professional company that would be an advisor as well as do the books, we consider TW as a business partner rather than an accountancy firm. They are best placed to advise on if what we’re planning, can happen. The Business advice and mentoring has meant we’ve become far more strategic in our approach.

“I was surprised at how different accounting firms can be, some just provide a basic service delivering numbers, but TW are more hands on and involved and it feels more caring.

“We also use Xero now and it allows us to see instant, real time data on sales versus profit but the great part is the synergy between the reports that we both get are a lot closer.”

DM recruitment

“I have been with Thorne Widgery for about 10 years now. I had been with other accountants before but I was looking for a new firm, as I didn’t think my previous firm was giving me enough support.

“I was recommended them via word of mouth and after hearing about how professional they are and how good they were at keeping clients up to date I decided they were the practice for me.

“If there is something happening in the world of tax or accounting they are always quick to let me know, whether it is by email, letter or by picking up the phone and calling me.

“They have always been very approachable, very friendly and very professional. They also seem like a very young and innovative firm, which appeals to my approach.

“I honestly can’t speak highly enough of them and I am delighted to say that I have recommended them to more than 30 different businesses. They have saved me a small fortune and I am sure that they have done the same for the other companies who I recommended.”

Charles Pitt
C T Pitt Plumbing & Heating Ltd

“After graduating and travelling the world, my husband Gregg and I decided to settle in Shropshire and set about renovating a cottage.“We spent a long time researching the ideal wood burning central heating system for our home and eventually found what we were looking for in Italy. We had looked at local and national retailers but the options were limited, expensive and wouldn’t heat the whole of our house. It was at this point that we spotted a gap in the market. We set up a small showroom in the lounge of our own home – and so our business was born!

“Initially, we used another firm of accountants to sort out our VAT and year ends but as our business grew we felt that it was time for a change. We had heard good things about Thorne Widgery. Dan came to see us, he sat in our lounge/showroom with a cup of tea and was so supportive.

“Things really snowballed for our business and two and half years ago we moved the business to a warehouse in the centre of Ludlow. We took on staff, rather than sub-contractors for the first time, which in itself brought additional responsibilities and headaches such as PAYE and workplace pensions.

“Thorne Widgery have handled everything. We just pick up the phone and it gets sorted. They now provide us with a complete service, from bookkeeping, year ends and VAT returns, through to payroll and auto enrolment.

“With their help, we moved from using old-style accounting spreadsheets to Xero Cloud-based accounting. This has made a huge difference to the way we run the business. Now all our quotes, invoices and customer details are in one place and it’s really improved the way we work.

“We have a brilliant working relationship with Dan. He has a great sense of humour and he is also very patient with us, particularly when it comes to preparing year ends! He’s also very supportive and, if we’re having doubts, he gives us a pep talk and reminds us how far we have come as business owners in just a few short years, which really helps.

“I have already recommended Thorne Widgery to others – they are lovely and always at the end of the phone, ready to help.”

Corrabeth Bishop
Ludlow Stoves

Marston Bros has been an integral part of Ludlow’s local economy for more than a century – first acting as a corn and seed merchant before later becoming one of the town’s most prominent property management companies.In 2011 the family business was handed down to its current Managing Director, Karen Marston, as did the company’s long-standing relationship with local accountants Thorne Widgery.

“Thorne Widgery has been with me since day one,” said Karen. “They had worked with my father before me, so I knew that they were professional, very friendly and always ready to help when we needed them.

“They do all of our accounts and audits, as well as helping out with my own personal finances. They also come along to our annual general meeting and present our accounts for the year, which is a nice touch,” added Karen.

She openly admits that she has never looked for another accountant to take over Thorne Widgery’s role.

“I have never even considered going with anyone else as they provide an excellent service to me. Dan Crowther and I have an excellent working relationship. I know I only need to pick up the phone or drop him a message and he will be there to help.

“I have happily recommended their services to a number of people in the past and I would do so again.”

Karen Marston
Managing Director at Marston Bros

“Our tyre replacement and vehicle servicing business has been going for around eight years. It’s very much a family business, with me, my brother in law, Jason and now my son, Thomas working here.“We had been using another local chap to do our accounts and sort out our paperwork but when he retired a couple of years ago, we asked around and one or two of our friends who had used Dan Crowther at Thorne Widgery told us – ‘he’s the man’!

“Thorne Widgery do all our accounts, including bookkeeping, year ends, VAT returns, as well as our payroll and pensions – in fact everything that keeps our business running smoothly.

“We have a really good working relationship with Dan. In fact, I look upon him as a really good friend rather than my accountant.

“I like the fact that he tells it like it is – there’s no edge to him – he’s just a really down to earth guy and that’s just the sort of support we appreciate, which is why I’ve been very happy to recommend him to others.”

Stuart Barnfield
Owner of Coder Tyres, Ludlow

“My mum and I run a busy café and outside catering business in the centre of Ludlow. We’ve been going for around 13 years now. We had previously used another firm of accountants, but four and a half years ago we decided it was time for a change and ‘fresh eyes’ to help us with our business.“We had heard good things about Thorne Widgery and Dan Crowther, who came highly recommended via a member of our family.

“Dan took a good look at our accounts, pointed us in the right direction and helped us make a number of improvements to make our business more profitable.

“He’s just brilliant! He rejigged our accounts process so that everything runs smoothly and he’s just a really lovely person to deal with. I like the fact that he explains things clearly. He doesn’t use ‘accountancy speak’ – he’s just very down to earth.

“With Thorne Widgery, we are confident that we always receive best advice. They have been so helpful and I have already recommended them to others, including my partner, who uses Dan and the team to do the accounts for his carpentry business.”

Becky Kirby
Castle Lodge Buttery Ltd