DM Recruitment

DM Recruitment

I started DM Recruitment 5 years ago and have been with TW 2.5 years.

I’m a strong believer that you can’t be good at everything so we want our accountants to look after all of our accounting needs, it’s important our accountants look after us in terms of compliance but can give us advice to help us achieve our growth plans.

I came to TW as we found that when we began to grow there were pain points that our current accountants couldn’t advise on so that’s when we moved. We love working with TW as we can just give them a call and they’re able to advise on certain aspects. From a business point of view TW has ensured we’ve avoided pitfalls.

We wanted a professional company that would be an advisor as well as do the books, we consider TW as a business partner rather than an accountancy firm. They are best placed to advise on if what we’re planning, can happen. The Business advice and mentoring has meant we’ve become far more strategic in our approach.

I was surprised at how different accounting firms can be, some just provide a basic service delivering numbers, but TW are more hands on and involved and it feels more caring.

We also use Xero now and it allows us to see instant, real time data on sales versus profit but the great part is the synergy between the reports that we both get are a lot closer.

Stuart, DM recruitment