C T Pitt Plumbing & Heating Ltd

I have been with Thorne Widgery for about 10 years now. I had been with other accountants before but I was looking for a new firm, as I didn’t think my previous firm was giving me enough support.

I was recommended them via word of mouth and after hearing about how professional they are and how good they were at keeping clients up to date I decided they were the practice for me.

If there is something happening in the world of tax or accounting they are always quick to let me know, whether it is by email, letter or by picking up the phone and calling me.

They have always been very approachable, very friendly and very professional. They also seem like a very young and innovative firm, which appeals to my approach.

I honestly can’t speak highly enough of them and I am delighted to say that I have recommended them to more than 30 different businesses. They have saved me a small fortune and I am sure that they have done the same for the other companies who I recommended.