Take three simple steps to help your business recover - Thorne Widgery

Three Steps To Help

After another month-long lockdown, England has entered a new period with fewer restrictions and less disruption.

Further good news of several new vaccines and treatments means we may be turning a corner in the fight against COVID-19 in the next few months.

How can you rebuild and recover?

We think there are three key steps that you should take now to help your businesses recover:

    1. Join our dedicated Facebook Group – TW Rebuild & RecoverWe have already had lots of local businesses join this group in the last seven months and it continues to be a hub for the latest updates, advice and videos from our team.If you haven’t signed up for this group yet, we highly recommend that you do so today.

      Click here to join TW Rebuild & Recover

    2. Download and follow our six-step action plan Our team have put together a helpful plan to help businesses who are affected by the pandemic and are looking to rebuild their company. This useful plan covers:
      • Cash flow
      • Government support
      • Business reviews
      • And much more.

      Click here to download our six-step action plan

    3. Speak to our teamThe last and possibly the most important step is to speak with us. We have been in contact with clients non-stop during the pandemic and are standing by to field any questions you may have or if you just want a quick check-up.So, don’t be a stranger – get in contact with us today