Real Time Information (RTI) penalties - Thorne Widgery


RTI reporting became compulsory for most employers on 5 April 2013; some big employers joined the regime in April 2012.

Under RTI employers submit payroll information to HMRC in real time. This filing is comprised of various different electronic submissions.

While HMRC accept that all returns can be submitted up to three days late without penalty, failing to submit after this period could result in a penalty as follows:

Employee No.Charge per month overdue

HMRC has started issuing penalties now in relation to RTI so it is important that you act quickly to ensure you are compliant with the rules in regards to filing.

Should you have a legitimate reason to file after this period has passed, taxpayers will be given the right to appeal a penalty online.

If you are struggling with your RTI requirements, why not contact our payroll team to see how they can help.