Prepare for the new charity register now - Thorne Widgery

All charities are required to check and update their details from 12 November 2018 before they can access their annual return, the charity regulator has warned.

In a new blog post, the Charity Commission said trustees of all charities “have a legal obligation to keep the details on the charity register accurate and up to date”.

From 12 November, the service will be updated to collect more information on trustees, including any new trustees and their contact details.

Charities will also need to remove the details of any trustees who are no longer involved with their organisation and ensure each named person is not disqualified from acting as a trustee.

Under the new service, trustees will be required to provide their home address, email address and telephone number to help validate the identity of trustees, although no contact details will be disclosed to the public.

The new service will also ask charities to supply details of all of their UK bank and/or building society accounts. It said it will use this information to make sure that charities are “protecting and managing their funds appropriately”.

The Charity Commission said that holding a bank account aids with transparency providing an audit trail and records, such as bank statements, adding that working inside the regulated banking system is the best way to achieve this.

The new service will go live from 12 November 2018 and must be addressed before trustees can access their annual return.

To help prepare for the new charity register, we have listed the required information below:

  • Trustees and charity contact details
  • Public address
  • Gift aid registration number
  • UK bank accounts
  • Activities and classifications, including if your charity owns or leases land and/or buildings
  • Area of operation
  • Governance, including policies and regulators