Payroll and Auto Enrolment

A well run Payroll Department is like a reliable car, it’s largely taken for granted, working with quiet efficiency, until something goes wrong and then, and perhaps only then, do we begin to realise just how much we depend on it.

For those of us with longer memories, there was a time when cars were simple enough for us to have a go at fixing ourselves, how times have changed; now, for most of us, they are far too complicated. It’s the same with payroll. It used to be simpler but over time has become increasingly complicated and, with the arrival of AUTO ENROLMENT, is about to become even more challenging. You really will need to know what you are doing.

Keeping abreast of the changes in PAYE legislation is vitally important as getting it wrong means you could be facing hefty fines in addition to having to pacify disgruntled employees.

That’s why we feel having a dedicated Payroll Department, processing payroll and only payroll, is important. We’re here to ensure that your payroll runs as smoothly as a finely tuned car.

We handle thousands of transactions every year with the knowledge and the specialist software designed to take the headache out of running a payroll. We’re prepared for the impact of auto enrolment and are happy to operate a payroll scheme for you whether you have 1 employee or several hundred.

Why not make us your trusted payroll ‘mechanic’ you drive the car and we’ll keep it on the road.

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A well run Payroll Department is like a reliable car