Our offices are now closed due to the snow – but the team are still available if you need us! - Thorne Widgery

Thorne Widgery’s offices have now closed for the afternoon due to severe snow. However, if you need to get in touch with any of our advisers, our staff are still working from home and are more than happy to help.

Over the past few days, the bad weather has hit most parts of the country, including Herefordshire.

However, our team is determined to continue to support clients in every way possible despite the inconveniences caused. We are also dedicated to ensuring that our employees are safe and do not put themselves at risk by travelling unnecessarily in the bad weather.

Any of our clients that use cloud accounting services such as Xero, Bridge 3 for Xero Practice Manager or Workpapers can still communicate with us using these platforms – and those that don’t should now be able to see for themselves the benefits that these software packages can provide.

Using cloud accounting software, we are able to communicate with our clients in real-time no matter where they are in the world – a godsend during difficult weather conditions when business managers are snowed in and schools are closed.

At Thorne Widgery, we pride ourselves on always being available when our clients need us most, which is why all of our team members are active on these platforms, but also able to assist with any queries over the phone or via email.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need us.