Ludlow to get a whole lotta love from Thorne Widgery - Thorne Widgery

Ludlow to get a whole lotta love

We know that Ludlow already rocks, but the launch of our new office in the Shropshire town looks set to make a Pink Floyd concert look tame. #Ludlow Rocks

Here are some interesting figures from our latest expansion:


5Corve Street is the location of our new offices.
4The number of staff taking up positions in Ludlow.
35How many years our Director, Dan Crowther, has called the town home.
11,000The number of people living in Ludlow that we hope to impress.

We already have a number of clients in the town, but we believe that our modern, technology-driven approach to accounting will appeal to local businesses.

Our Director, Dan Crowther – who was born and bred in Ludlow – feels that the town is calling out for a revolution in business and accountancy services and believes that our firm’s innovative approach is just the ticket.

“Our expansion to Ludlow is the next logical step for our practice, as we already have a number of fantastic local connections. I hope plenty of local business leaders will join us over the next couple of weeks at our new office to learn more about what we have to offer.”

Dan Crowther

If you are looking for a little more conversation and a little less taxation then why not contact Dan and the team, by visiting or calling 01584 872222.