Hereford and Ludlow accountants’ innovative education software receives national government recommendation

Thorne Widgery’s unique online accounting software for schools, academies and colleges has been recognised by the Education & Skills Funding Agency and Department for Education (DfE) as a preferred service.

XfE has already won firm recognition at several awards for its ability to streamline the accounting process and save time, but more recently it has been included in new guidance on the academies chart of accounts (CoA).

The CoA is a set standard for financial data that underpins the academy accounts return and budget forecast returns. These are essential tasks that all academy schools must conduct, which XfE assists with.

Developed from the ground up with the needs of academies in mind, XfE allows schools to use one of the world’s leading cloud accounting platforms, Xero, as a fantastic tool for running their finances.

Sam King, Head of XfE, said: “Now in place at hundreds of schools across the UK, XfE is a preferred accounting platform within the industry and has been recognised for its innovation and compliance with DfE requirements in this latest government guidance.

“We are really proud that the work we have put into this unique solution for schools is paying off, for the many academies, colleges and other schools that rely on the innovations and automation offered by our XfE suite”

The full guidance on CoA and XfE’s ability to assist with compliance can be found here.

To find out more about XfE and how it can assist academies and other education providers, please click here.