Farmers urged to cut down on ‘farm-to-fork’ waste - Thorne Widgery

Farmers and agricultural businesses are being urged to do their bit to cut down on ‘farm-to-fork’ waste, after Government statistics revealed that £13 billion worth of food was wasted in the UK in 2015.

According to the figures, Britons wasted some 7.3 million tonnes of food that year, leading to calls for farmers, rural businesses and other food producers to come together in an effort to tackle the problem.

On Tuesday 25 September 2018, the Government’s waste-reduction body, Wrap, published a new ‘roadmap’ geared towards encouraging businesses to pursue a series of ‘milestones’ in order to reduce waste across all stages of the supply chain.

The voluntary roadmap, which has been published alongside food and grocery charity IGN, sets out targets to help ensure that the UK meets the sustainable development targets set out by the United Nations (UN).

Its primary goal is to make sure that all major UK retailers – along with at least half of other ‘large suppliers and producers’ – are monitoring, reporting and acting on their food waste by September next year.

Looking ahead, the initiative them hopes that by 2026, all large food businesses will have embraced a target to cut waste from their operations.

So far, 89 rural businesses, supermarkets and other organisations have committed to the plan, reports suggest.

Clare Oxborrow, a Senior Food and Farming Campaigner at prominent charity, Friends of the Earth, said: “All companies along the supply chain should publicise their food waste data and commit to concerted long-term action, so that food waste is halved by 2030, as set out in the sustainable development goals.”