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What our clients say - Philip Watkins

Philip Watkins has had a relationship with Thorne Widgery since taking up his family business in 1976, but the firm’s relationship with the Watkins family goes all the way back to 1953 when his parents chose the firm as their preferred accountants.

Since then Thorne Widgery has worked side-by-side with the Watkins family to grow their business and put them at the cutting edge of financial technology.

Speaking about his work with the team at Thorne Widgery, Philip said: “In all the years we have worked with Thorne Widgery we have never had a reason to change accountant, which I think says a lot about the quality of the advice that they provide.

Thorne Widgery doesn’t just do the same set of accounts year in, year out. They provide bespoke solutions tailored to the needs of our business. By breaking down the figures, we are able to better manage our operations.”

In fact, it was the advice provided by Thorne Widgery that led Philip to split the family farm from their existing agricultural contracting business.

“Thorne Widgery helped us to separate the two businesses so we could analyse finances more effectively. It showed us by doing this we could make our operations more efficient. Since then Thorne Widgery has continued to provide us with innovative advice and have helped us to integrate Xero online accounting into our business, which provides us with plenty of useful information.

Like many rural businesses we suffer from slow broadband, but we know that if we need to, we can always drive down to the Thorne Widgery offices in our truck to have a chat with Sarah Jenkins, our client manager, should we wish to – whether we are in our finest dinner suit or dirtiest overalls, they are always accommodating.

In fact, I knew Sarah before she even began work at Thorne Widgery, as she came from a local farming family. This type of connection is really beneficial and it is nice to know I can speak to someone who understands our industry.

We have a strong relationship with Sarah and the rest of the team. Sarah is always open and friendly and I always get sound advice. Thorne Widgery as a whole are professional, proficient and welcoming and I think that we get good value for money for the services we receive.”