The Charity Digital Code: creating the right environment for digital success - Thorne Widgery

In the fourth part of our Charity Digital Code series, we’ll be looking at the third defining principle of digital best practice: culture.

So, what is digital culture and how can charities put it into practice?

As defined by the code, culture – including values, behaviours and ways of working – should create the right environment for digital success.

This is important, as the right culture will develop the confidence and motivation of staff and volunteers to adopt digital technology, in turn improving the efficiency and decision making of a charity.

Understandably, cultivating an environment that encourages digital is not always going to be easy.

The culture of an organisation should start at the very top. Leaders will need to identify how they can create the motivation for change. This could include setting out how digital could help their charities reach more people or increase income through online fundraising.

This behaviour should be spread throughout a charity for the necessary culture change to take place. This can be achieved by running a workshop on how staff and volunteers can use digital technology in and out of the workplace.

When taking on new staff and volunteers, trustees should also place a high value on applicants with digital skills which they can introduce to the charity. Likewise, leaders should revise current job descriptions to include specific digital skills which could elevate their charity.

And finally, charity leaders should be able to identify an environment in which digital is thriving. According to the code, this could look like:

“The people who volunteer or work for charities will be in a better position to collaborate, confident in trying new things and learning additional skills, developing the right mindset for change and innovation, and contributing to how the organisation can achieve its goals through digital. They will focus outwards as much as inwards, understanding how beneficiaries and supporters use digital.”

And that concludes this part of our Charity Digital Code series. In next week’s blog, we’ll be taking a closer look at strategy and how changing your organisation’s objectives could create a pathway to digital success. If you missed any of our previous blogs in this series, catch up using our newsfeed or social media pages.

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