Charities prepare for new data service - Thorne Widgery

A new and improved Charity Details service will be published later this summer following the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

In a new report, the Charity Commission said the service will allow charities to keep their details, including the names and contact details of current trustees, up to date in real time.

The regulator added that this may affect how your charity’s information is displayed on the Register of Charities.

Under the new system, the full legal names of all trustees will be required and displayed on the register. This will repeal the older register, where “alternative names and titles” could be entered.

Likewise, the Charity Commission will require confirmation of trustees’ primary residential addresses.

The new system will also require:

Named individuals as charity contacts: the Commission will no longer accept corporate bodies as the main contact for a charity.

Charity public address: the public details of the charity, such as postal address, phone number and email contact details, will be separated from those of the named charity contact.

Third party contacts: The Charity Commission will retain trusted third party contacts so specialist advisors can still submit accounts.

The report says: “All charities must keep their details up-to-date by law. We will be improving the current service so you can keep a regular check on your details, and update them when they change.

“We will be asking you to check that the register details for your trustees remain up to date. This includes adding any new trustees and their contact details. You also need to remove the details of any trustees who are no longer involved with your charity.

“As part of service improvements we will ask that all trustees supply their email address, or confirm that they do not have one.”