Bring your business back on track to the future - Thorne Widgery

Watch our recording as you rebuild and recover following COVID-19

Our team hosted a free webinar to help retail businesses during these challenging times as they attempt to return to work and some form of normality.

This free webinar series looks at some industry-specific topics for the retail sector as it starts to rebuild again following the pandemic and lockdown measures. The topics cover the five stages of recovery including:

  1. Emerging and moving forward
  2. Getting fully focused
  3. Restructuring
  4. Future-proofing finances
  5. Future strategy and action plan

if you would like to watch this latest webinar, which is packed with helpful information and insights please head to the link below:

Click here to watch the latest webinar

We are standing alongside businesses of all sizes and sectors during this crisis. To find out how we can help you as you rebuild and recover, please contact us