And the survey says…. - Thorne Widgery

To ensure all of our clients are getting the support they need during these challenging times we have conducted a survey amongst a representative group of business – and the results are more positive than you may think.

One of the most important elements to business recovery is having an accurate idea of your current tax and financial position, which is why our team have been working hard to provide this information to clients.

This is reflected in the results of our survey which found that:

74 per cent of businesses had the information they needed.

We also asked clients about whether the current crisis had affected their retirement plans:

74 per cent said that their retirement plans for the future were unchanged.

Business confidence has also taken a big hit as a result of the pandemic but despite this, half of the businesses we surveyed said they were optimistic about the future of their business.

30 per cent said they were concerned

12 per cent were uncertain.

We also wanted to see what clients thought of our services.

92 per cent said they thought our services where either good or brilliant.

The remaining eight per cent said our service was as expected of an accountant.

We will be using the results of this survey to adapt our approach in the coming months to ensure clients receive the best possible support. If you have any feedback for us, please contact us