Accountants dig deep to help businesses affected by the snow - Thorne Widgery

One of Hereford’s most forward-thinking firms of accountants, Thorne Widgery, has ensured that businesses across the region can still gain access to their finances during the recent snowy weather.

Like many local businesses, Thorne Widgery found itself buried in the snow recently and so took the decision to keep staff at home for their safety.

Despite emptying their office in Wyevale Business Park they were still able to support local businesses with their tax and accountancy services thanks to their use of innovative cloud-based software.

Thorne Widgery is a leading partner in the UK to online accounting software provider Xero. As one of the most popular packages available to businesses, Thorne Widgery is able to access, amend and provide advice on people’s accounts no matter where the practice’s staff or its clients are in the world.

Using this technology, its team were able to safely work from home and provide the same level of service, despite the snowy conditions.

Stephen Smallwood, Managing Director at Thorne Widgery, said: “It is estimated that businesses across the UK lost millions last week in the wintery weather as suppliers, staff and customers struggled to travel.

“At Thorne Widgery, our decision to invest in online accounting meant that a large number of our clients were still able to function and handle their finances without us even being in our offices – something which many of them appreciated.”

Thorne Widgery is at the forefront of developing business management software and has developed Xero for Education (XFE) enabling School Business Managers to control the schools finances online. With so many schools being closed due to the weather it was refreshing to see how many School Business Managers were still operating using XFE.

“Our staff are one of our greatest resources and so we were glad that by using technology they were able to stay safe at home, while our practice was still able to function,” added Stephen.

“More businesses should consider their contingency plans for cold weather and think about how integrating online accountancy services could benefit them.”