About us

History & Approach

Here at TW, although rightly proud of our 70 year history we’re definitely not stuck in the past! We believe that looking ahead is more important and know it’s this approach that’s resulted in growing our own business to the largest firm of accountants in Herefordshire.

Of course accountants have to deal with historical information but that should be the start of the process, not the end. It’s a bit like driving a car – glancing in the rear view mirror is important but it’s more important to stay focused on the road ahead.

At TW we believe in using our experience and expertise to help clients get to where they want to go and our philosophy is simple. Our clients are our greatest source of referrals, so we focus on servicing them really well, to give them the confidence to recommend us to others.

So what do clients want?

Of course, all clients are different but in most cases they’re looking for the following from their accounting partner:

  • Proactive advice – tell me what I should be doing to improve profits and reduce tax
  • A good personal relationship (understand me and my business)
  • Respond to any questions quickly and in a language that I understand
  • Ensure all my legal obligations are met
  • Have a team with good technical/expert knowledge
  • An accountancy partner that can help me make the most of IT and systems
  • Provide value for money

Having listened to what clients want, that’s the kind of service we set out to provide. Contact TW to find out how we can work with you.