79At Thorne Widgery we go much further than other firms, by offering a unique online accountancy solution designed in partnership with leading software provider Xero specifically for schools, which makes the job of managing a school’s finances far simpler.

Cloud accounting with Xero and Thorne Widgery brings a number of benefits including:

  • Straightforward fund and GAG accounting
  • Designed to meet ESFA’s requirements
  • Bank feeds direct from your bank
  • Powerful, accurate reporting
  • Secure multi-user access
  • Increased efficiency
  • Backed up and secure at all times
  • Regular  automatic updates
  • Quick and easy to correct posting errors
  • Compliant with ESFA legislation

Our solution is beautifully simple to use, reliable, fully supported by our talented team and completely cost effective for academies of all sizes.

But don’t take our word for it, this is what our academy clients using Xero have to say:

“Very user-friendly. We recently took on new staff … our new recruit was able to just pick it up and use it… Xero is so easy to understand and intuitive.
“Compared to our previous system, Xero is clearer and easier to use, the screen layout is a lot more user friendly, the dashboard means everything is accessible and support is a lot easier to access.”

Emma Stackhouse – Business Manager, Holmer Church of England Academy

“Xero offers me working flexibility. As I live a long way from work I can do stuff at home on my laptop.
“Xero is easier than the previous system to get to grips with. The old system served a purpose but Xero is more accounting friendly.”

Rachel Lovell - Business Manager. Stretton Sugwas Church of England Academy

“I wasn’t happy with my previous system… there was no-one there to support me. I wanted a software system where I would get help and support. The team from TW were very patient. On-site training was good and they broke things down into small chunks so the information would sink in…. Just four weeks on I cannot believe how easy Xero is compared to the system we previously used.”

Julie Hancock – Business Manager, Lugwardine Primary Academy

“Xero gives me what I want… the power to drill down and report in whatever way I want. We have three schools on board and no-one is flapping from a finance point of view – so that’s got to be a positive!”

Peter Rickard, Lead Head of the Severn Bridges MAT

“This was the first time we have undergone an audit having had Xero in place for a full year. The audit was – dare I say it – easy! Having Xero in place made the whole process much easier and a lot less hassle.”

Rachel Lovell, Academy Business Manager, Stretton Sugwas Church of England Academy

“Being able to scan in documents and in particular emails which I save as PDFs is a really useful function. When I have paid an invoice and have this confirmed by the bank I scan this in too, which means the audit trail is all taken care of.”

Rachel Etterley, School Business Manager, Radbrook Primary School

“We were really pleased with the installation – I was able to start working through a backlog of purchase orders the same day that it was installed. Everything was done behind the scenes and last year’s information was imported onto Xero so I could access the previous year’s records easily… I’d give the installation 10 out of 10.”

Jayne Kaye, School Business Manager The Cambridge Park Academy, Grimsby